Flask analysis

If your flasks are already registered and conditioned at the FCL, the FCL is able to analyze samples, collected at your ICOS class 1 station.

Please contact us via

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Analysis of air samples

  • Announce

    If you want to send your flasks to the FCL for analysis, please notify us in advance via Please enable Javascript to view.
  • Submit sampling information

    Before analyzing the flasks, the samples have to be registered in the CAL database. Please register your sampling here.
    ICOS partners will get an account on request at fcl-dev@bgc-jena.mpg.de
  • Send flasks to FCL
    Send your flasks to:
    ICOS - Flask and Calibration Laboratory
    Technologie Center Felsenkeller (TCF), Eingang C
    Kahlaische Straße 4
    D-07745 JENA
    The flasks will be analyzed at the FCL. After the analysis is finished, transport air will be filled in the flasks. Then the flasks will be returned to you.