Repair Flasks

Malfunctioning valves and seals are cleaned or replaced at the CAL-FCL. The CAL-FCL checks the correct functionig of the flasks comming for measurements.

Certain damages to the glass body of the flask can be repaired by the manufacturer for a fixed price per flask. However, no warranty on the success of the repair is given. After repair, the flasks will be checked by the manufacturer ans CAL-FCL to ensure that it still complies with the specifications.

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How to repair a flask

    Collects defective flasks
    Repairs moving parts


    Station operator
    Orders flask repair


  • Producer
    Repairs flasks
    Tests flasks
    Delivers flasks to CAL-FCL

    Quality Control
    Claims faulty flasks
    Flask conditioning


    Send flasks to station operator
    Provides invocie for repair
Flask tester

Flask tester