Reference Gas Standards

To ensure compatibility of of the ICOS atmospheric greenhouse gas observations with data from other global monitoring networks, the measurements need to be traceable to the respective WMO calibration scales. The FCL is responsible for providing real air reference gas standards for ICOS atmospheric observations.
Calibration is done using a set of WMO laboratory standards calibrated by the Central Calibration Laboratory ☛. The concentration ranges covered by this set for the individual trace gases can be found below.

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WMO scale link via set of primary references

UCN CO2 [ppm]1 CH4 [ppb]2 CO [ppb]3 N2O [ppb]4 SF6 [ppt]5
CB09948 250.08 2932.82 998.63 362.13 10.71
CB09944 339.24 1596.64 31.31 316.77 6.49
CB09939 365.16 1743.13 80.14 319.86 7.47
CB09958 389.53 1896.82 120.69 327.12 8.51
CB09983 412.21 2032.92 158.92 329.92 9.16
CB09952 433.58 2195.34 199.47 334.60 10.10
CB09955 458.92 2344.05 247.14 339.48 13.20
CB09957 481.75 2466.72 397.06 343.95 12.20
CB09934 514.80 2731.28 697.56 349.13 21.35

WMO scale

  • 1 CO2_X2007
  • 2 CH4_X2004A
  • 3 CO_X2014A
  • 4 N2O_2006A
  • 5 SF6_X2014

How to get reference gas standards?

  • Contact in advance

    Please notify us via Please enable Javascript to view at least three months in advance (see section "Calibration" in the ICOS Atmospheric Station Specification ☛) if you want to order reference gas standards.
  • Provide tank metadata

    If the tank have never been registered and analyzed at the FCL until now, please make sure to provide following tank and valve metadata via Please enable Javascript to view. Otherwise the FCL is not able to register and analyze your tank.
  • Provide requested composition list

    Provide your requested concentration list (according to "Standard air mixture for ICOS stations" ☛) via email to Please enable Javascript to view. For submitting the list of requested mole fractions, we kindly ask to use the following template files.
  • Send tank
    Send your tank to:
    ICOS - Flask and Calibration Laboratory
    Technologie Center Felsenkeller (TCF), Eingang A
    Kahlaische Straße 4
    D-07745 JENA
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