New ICOS Flasks

The flasks and the flask sampling instrumentation is part of the components that are specified in the ICOS Atmospheric Station Specifications. To be compliant with the automated flask sampler, the flasks need to be equipped with specific valve heads.

Please contact us via

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Acquisition of new ICOS flasks

  • Purchase

    You need to order flasks and transport equipment. We can support you with further information. Don’t hesitate to contact us via Please enable Javascript to view in advance.
  • Provide flask metadata

    Any flask that is used in the ICOS network needs to be registered at the FCL. Therefore, please provide the following flask metadata via Please enable Javascript to view.
  • Send flasks for conditioning
    New flasks need to have an initial pretreatment (conditioning). Please contact Please enable Javascript to view before sending your registered flask to:
    ICOS - Flask and Calibration Laboratory
    Technologie Center Felsenkeller (TCF), Eingang C
    Kahlaische Straße 4
    D-07745 JENA
    The conditioning must be performed at the FCL before you can use the flask in the ICOS network.