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Postal Address and Location

Max-Planck-Institute for Biogeochemistry
CAL - Flask and Calibration Laboratory
Kahlaische Strasse 4
04475 JENA

Travel Information and Accommodation


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    The most convenient airports close to Jena are situated Erfurt, Berlin, Frankfurt a.M. and Munich.
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    Jena is well connected by public transport via train and via long-distance coach.
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    From the train and bus station "Paradies" in Jena you can walk southward alongside Knebelstraße and Kahlaische Straße. After a 8 minutes walk you will reach the FCL.

FCL staff and contacts


👨 Armin Jordan

Trace gas analysis

👨 Daniel Rzesanke

Stable isotopes analysis

👨 Markus Eritt

Database & WebApplication

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